Installing Domain Controller in Windows 2012

How to make Windows Server 2012 a Domain Controller (DC) Server?

A domain controller server or DC server is a server that runs Active Directory which is responsible for allowing host access to domain resources. The domain is defined as the group of computers on a network that shares common name, policies, and database. A domain controller is a server that responds to security authentication requests within a Windows Server domain.

To Integrate Cisco Unified Communications Manager with LDAP, A domain controller service has to be installed first.

How to install a Domain Controller (DC) on Windows Server?

First and the foremost, Windows Server has to be installed. We would recommend to install versions equal or higher than Windows Server 2008. In our scenario, we would use Windows Server 2012 as a reference.

*Assuming that a Windows Server is already installed and IP Address has also been assigned to the Server.

  • Login to Windows Server >
  • Launch Sever Manager from taskbar.
  • Click on Manage > Add Roles and Features
Add Roles and Features
  • Click on Next
Verifying the tasks
  • Radio Check Role based or Feature based Installation
  • Click on Next
Role based or Feature based installation
  • Radio check Select a server from the server pool
  • Click on Next
Select a server from the server pool
  • Check box Active Directory Domain Services
Active Directory Domain Services
  • Click on Add Features
Add Features
  • Click on Next
  • Click on Next
  • Click on Next
  • Check box Restart the destination server automatically if required
  • Click on Yes when prompted
  • Click on Install
Installing DC
  • Once the installation is finished, click on Promote this server to a domain controller.
Promote server to a domain controller
  • Radio check Add a new forest
  • Root Domain Name > Enter the domain name you wish to keep it for your lab or company. For example; Lab.local or
  • Click on Next
Add a new forest and specify root domain name
  • Enter a Directory Services Restore Mode (DSRM) Password and a Confirm password. (Directory Services Restore Mode (DSRM) is a safe mode boot option for Windows Server domain controllers. DSRM allows an administrator to repair or recover to repair or restore an Active Directory database.)
  • Click on Next
DSRM Password
  • Click on Next
DNS Options
  • Click on Next
Additional Options
  • Click on Next
  • Click on Next
Review Options
  • Click on Next
  • Verify if All prerequisite checks passed successfully.
  • Click on Install
Prerequisites Check
  • Verify if the result says “This server was successfully configured as a domain controller
  • Click on Close
  • Now when you login back once the machine restarts, make sure that you type the domain name first followed by a \ and then the username. Example: If your domain name is lab.local, then you have to type lab\{USERNAME} and then password.
  • In our scenario our domain name is and the username is Administrator, we will login as thecollabguru\Administrator and it’s password.

That’s all! We are done with the Domain Controller installation.

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