What is FAC or Forced Authorization Code in CUCM?

What is Forced Authorization code or FAC in CUCM?


  • Forced Authorization Code (FAC) is a way to implement call restriction while making a call.
  • Forced Authorization Code requires user to enter a code or PIN before the call is connected.
  • The primary function of Forced Authorization Code is used for Billing and Accounting purposes.
  • FACs are applied to Route Patterns in CUCM.
  • FACs are used to prevent calls from being placed by unauthorized users.
  • When a user calls to a number, lets say International number,  and the Route Pattern to that International number requires FAC. As soon as the user completes the dialing, he/she will hear a tone prior to entering a code.
  • Once the user enters the correct code, the call will be allowed. This call will be specifically marked in call records with the Forced Authorization Code used.
  • Each and every Forced Authorization Code is associated with authorization level and is a number between 0 and 255.
  •  Admin has to mention the authorization level while configuring route patterns with Forced Authorization Codes (FAC).

How to configure Forced Authorization Code?

  • Login to Call Manager
  • Navigate to Call Routing > Forced Authorization Codes >
  • Click on Add New >
  • Authorization Code Name > Enter a relevant name. Example “UserA_International_FAC”
  • Authorization Code > Enter a unique authorization code which the user should dial after placing a call. Example – “32103884″
  • Authorization Level > Enter an authorization level. Example – “10″



Now, we need to apply this FAC Authorization level to the Route Pattern we wish to apply. As per our above example, we will apply this to International Route Pattern.

International Route Pattern


Now when the user makes an International Call, let’s say to US number as per our above example, he/she will be asked to prompt FAC code after the number is dialed. If the user is successfully authenticated, the call will be routed else the call will fail.

Hope this helps!

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